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My purpose and belief at Etienne Botha wedding photo and video is deeply rooted in my passion for allowing your wedding day to be about cherishing genuine, unscripted moments filled with natural beauty. I firmly believe that your day should be free from the pressure of staged poses, enabling you to fully revel in the joy of the occasion

I achieve this by providing a personalized experience as your dedicated solo photographer. My specialization lies in capturing the authentic essence of your wedding day through a unique combination of both photography and videography. Through my calm professionalism and storytelling expertise,

I ensure that every detail, emotion, and natural color is preserved to its fullest, creating a comprehensive, beautiful record of your day.

The result is a collection of timeless, genuine, and beautifully authentic moments that narrate your unique love story, all delivered by a single photographer-me. Unlike traditional wedding coverage, my priority is your authenticity and intimacy, allowing you to cherish your memories and relive the magic of your special day for years to come.


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Etienne Botha Photography,

What distinguishes Etienne from other photography ventures in the region is his unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. He collaborates closely with each couple, delving into their aspirations and translating them into captivating imagery.

Etienne Botha is the mastermind behind Etienne Botha Wedding Photo and Video, fervently devoted to immortalizing the love shared by couples on their special day. Armed with years of industry experience and cutting-edge camera technology, he produces visually striking and technically flawless images, spanning from intimate elopements to lavish wedding festivities.

What truly sets Etienne apart is his steadfast commitment to fulfilling his clients’ expectations. He invests time and effort in comprehending each couple’s vision, ensuring it is authentically brought to life through his lens. Whether it’s candid and natural moments, romantic portraits, or innovative and distinctive shots, Etienne possesses the expertise and ingenuity to deliver.

Beyond exemplary wedding photography services, Etienne extends his offerings to include videography services, capturing every fleeting moment of your special day. Leveraging his background as a photographer, he crafts exquisite, cinematic wedding films that narrate the essence of your day. Whether you desire a concise highlight reel or an extensive feature film, Etienne caters to your preferences. Understanding the couple’s vision is paramount to him, ensuring all the quintessential moments and nuances that define their wedding day are immortalized.

For couples planning their nuptials in the Western Cape seeking to encapsulate every moment with unparalleled detail, Etienne Botha Wedding Photo and Video stands as an ideal choice. With his exceptional talent and personalized approach, he curates memories that will endure a lifetime.


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